Single and not taken

Living in the world of people getting married in early 20s is kinda depressing when you're already 22 and don't even have a boyfriend yet. More depresseddddddd when your sibling is gonna following that trend also.

Yes, my 20 y/o sister is planning to get engaged next year.! The other day, she whatsapp-ed our siblings group telling she got a good news but keep us guessing on what is that. And of course we've already got a clue on that. What's happier to a girl rather than being proposed is it? 

Suddenly the next day, out of nowhere Abah asked me,

'Cik abang kak long tu dah habis belajar ke?
'Abang mana pulak nie, takde abang2 eh' *blushed*
'Alaaa, yang duk sekian sekian tuu'
'Ohh yang tu.. takde pape dah abah'
'Pulak, kenapa? Aritu okay je'
'Takde jodoh nak buat camne. Tu cerita lama Abah. Kenapa tetiba tanya ni?'
'Saja je tanya, Biasanya jumpa sokmo kan'
'Elehhhh, xkan tetiba tanya *grin*. Kak nak tunang tahun depan kan abah?'

And the conversation went on about kak's future fiancé. I'm so good in changing topic I know! *self pat*

Being the eldest, no doubt that I'm a bit jealous. My younger sis is gonna settle down and get married soon, and I'm still searching for the one. But it's okay, the best is yet to come. My turn will be arrived sooner or later, I just have to wait for the right time. And when I've met one, how am I gonna tell my parents haaa? Ouch, I feel old already. 

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