New passion

I really adores MUAs with magic hands which can transforms a 'muka biasa-biasa saja to voilaaaaa you are now a barbie doll' look. Maybe the girly sides of me is ticking now. I should go buy some make ups and start faking my face haha.!

So last Sept (kot), Afilah and I ordered some make ups online and they are expected to arrive within a month. But hmmmpp.. both of us attended our graduation barefaced (ok, kidding).

When I came home from Kuching for my graduation, the parcel is finally arrived (after 2 months of waiting). It's from US babe so it's okay to arrive late from expected lol. 

They are all from NYX and I think I'm starting to fall in love with NYX collections omaigodddd! So worth the waits! I tried them on and suddenly I feel so pretty, is it me, in the mirror, seriously? 

Okay. Now I already have some lipsticks, eyeliner, and blusher. So next I have to buy mascara, eyebrow kits, foundation, eyeshadows yada yada yada. Afilah gave me 'sejak bila minat mekap ni?' stare, and I'm seriously think I should prove to her my new passion. Haha! 

So look likes I gonna have my lipstick on (comot also can) whenever I go outside, even nak drive amik adik je pun. All because I wanna shut Afilah's 'beli tapi tak pakai pun' up. 

Hmm... so which shade of lipstick I should wear to fetch Putri from tadika now? 

No lahhhh, I still prefer going out barefaced no worries! 

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