Buat Apa?

Everytime my mak come home, she will ask me 'buat apa kat rumah hari nie kak long?' and usually those days I woke up late and do nothing haha.

So today, I woke up early, siapkan Putri to school, cleaned the dishes, swept the floor (and all the house chores), sent my sister to work, fetch Putri from her tadika, and even ready to cook for dinner. 

5pm.. My mak is already home.! And there's no more 'buat apa kat rumah?' today. Means she notices my works hehe yeahhh! Until suddenly she entered the kitchen ...

'Periuk ni kenapa tak basuh lagi?' 

Aigoooo ada je yang tak sempurna.


10 pm baru sempat nak baca surat khabar. Seeeeee? 

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