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"Yes, I live in Sarawak for more than 1 years and I'm happy. I had my Asasi here, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak as first cohort. And lucky enough I've to pursue my Degree in Biotechnology here too for 3 years more. HOHO.

The moment i checked my UPU result, I considered myself not lucky enough of being sent far far away to Sarawak while my other friends enjoying themselves in Peninsular. They got best places like PASUM, Puncak Alam, UIA and so on.

As the time flew, I realized that there's something beneath it. For sure, every cloud has a silver lining right? Being far away from family make me more independent now. I learned how to book my flight ticket, check in, and so on. For sure, Air Asia and me are bestfriends now. Being stranded in the airport due to delayed flight or waiting for next flight is a small matter for me now.

Sarawak itself also teachs me a lot. And for me, people's expectation on Sarawak are far from the reality. My friends and also my relatives always told me 'Jaga diri, nanti kena sumpit. org Sarawak suka menyumpit ni', 'nanti K Long balik raya telinga lanjut laa' HAHA. When the very first time I arrived in KIA and also UNIMAS I'm so impressed. Sarawak is far far away developed from expectations. And until now, I haven't meet any sumpit guy or telinga lanjut people. Please pray I'll found one and I'll show you the picture. Hihi.

The Cawat one? I'd seen them live with my naked eyes HOHO. For sure not in Kuching. I saw them at Bintulu area, on my way to Niah Cave. 3 teen boys with Cawat, tempurung-like hair, holding a long basket on their back. Maybe just from collecting fruits I guess.

Let's travel and choose Sarawak as your destination. Prove that people's expectations on Sarawak are solidly wrong. But one thing. don't ever compared Sarawak with KL. For sure there's a lot of comparisons but as the time moves and many delevopments carry on, Sarawak= Kuala Lumpur is not impossible.

Till now, I'll promote Sarawak to you all from time to time. HAHA."

Now, it's already 4 months since  I left Sarawak for good and I miss everything there! Especially food! Haha! 

Nasi rawon warung bakso embak, kuku bima, nasi Ayam penyet station 12, RJ Ayam Bakar & Penyet, banana cheese, Sharing Planet, Ali Meatball, nasi mak entek, Aiskrim gula apong, Swee kang, topspot. And many mooooore! 

And people there too. My close male friend, my Asasi friends in FK, FIT, nursing and medics, my sulu nisot, and so on!

Deep down, I'm willing to work there! (but I have so many things to consider first). InsyaAllah ada jodoh kita jumpa lagi Sarawak :)

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