I really love how random the topics in WhatsApp group could be. Especially my CISNUT 2.0 group. Very meriah if everyone is there! 

Last night, it started with N calling for C, and suddenly T and S also came in. C, S, T talked about job hunting, current status, vacations while N who is calling for C just now went MIA haha! C, S, T paging for N but no response and they continue chatting while waiting for N. 

Few minutes later, N entered and asked about whether C know this polan bin polan or not, ohhh N's highschool friend is married to C's friend, what a small world huh. Talking about marriage, T told the rest about his younger sis gonna engaged and they all went 'seriously, dengan sapa, wow jelesnya' and comforting T to be patient, our time will come soon. Comforting T also means comforting theirselves! Haha. 

Suddenly U who is currently in the different timezone went in 'helpppppp..I'm lost :( ! You guys went thru topics very fast or I'm very slow' and willing to not inter frame and will read the whole conversations when we're over haha. C, S, N, T continue chatting on jobs, future plans, until suddenly T complaining about Diana, a cat stole her whole sebungkus keropok lekor (iklan jap). The conversation resumed on LinkedIn and lastly C mintak izin keluar and S wanna charge her phone, N is frying mushrooms and T wanna continue cuddling haha.! So the conversation stopped there. 

I love everyone's there! Also the randomness of conversations! And I hope we will stay connected even when we have jobs or family or whatever. Muah cikedddd :*

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