duapuluhtiga sebelas

Setahun yang lepas ingat lagi kitorang prank kau dekat court badminton Golden Hawk. Pakat dengan geng lelaki suruh diorang pressure kau. kau main salah sikit kitorang marah2, sampai kau fed up taknak main dah, duk je kat bench tu tengok orang lain main. Kau ajak kitorang balik tapi semua taknak sebab masa tu semua saja lengah2kan masa nak tunggu kek sampai. Bersalah gak buat kau hilang mood macam tuu tapi dah namanya prank kan haha! And kira macam hampir berjaya lah prank kitorg nie hahaha.

Bila dah nak balik tu, kitorg surprise kan kau dengan kek and birthday song. And kau menangis. Yes, kau menangissss pastu duk tanya 'kenapa korang buat aku macam nie, patutlah semua orang marah aku malam nie' kitorang duk gelak jahat je prank menjadiii hihi. In a split second je kau punya mood bertukar and kita ramai2 celebrate kat Aroma Kitchen kot dah lupa apa nama kedai tu. 

Aduhh Sungguh takleh lupa malam tuu. Kau menangis kot! Bukan senang nak tengok kau menangis haha!

So, happy birthday Syaira my best selfie partner everrr. Bila tengok gambar lama2 banyak kot gambar selfie kita dua hahah lagi2 dalam kereta, maybe sebab kita selalu dating berdua kot! Hahaha :D  Taknak wish panjang umur murah rezeki sebab dah klise sangat. Tapi aku nak doakan kau kawin selepas aku sebagai balasan utk orang gatal macam kau. Haha Takdeee lah. Kau dah ada calon best arrr tacing ar gini lols. Semoga dapat kerja best2 boleh kumpul duit utk kawin pastu dapat anak comel boleh kenenkan dgn anak aku yang hensem. K tu je. Ohh kalau bertambah koleksi ehem (ykwim) and ada sale murah2 roger aku wehhh. Koleksi tak bertambah lagi nie takdak fulussss :( 

Sorry tak dapat celebrate sama2 birthday kau this year tapi bagus jugak at least aku ingat yang last year je so that you'll always be forever 21. Nahhhh that's not gonna happen, you're now a year older mek. Happy 22 syairaaaa, muah setepek :* 

Aku rasa nie kita dua punya last selfie kan? Sehari before bfg! Aaaa bila boleh selfie macam nie lagi ok nangis! And oh, aku rindu nak join venture dgn chekah buli kau! Hahahahaha! 

Shoe bites

These two days I wore my adik's shoes and my toes went melecet ;( so I asked Afilah ;

'Tak gigit ke kasut nie sebelum pakai dulu?'
'Hah? Tak.'
'Yela. Lepas beli, sebelum pakai tu sepatutnya kena gigit dulu kasut nie, barulah dia tak gigit kita'.
'Serious ke? Dah gigit ar sekarang!'
'Eee takde keje nak gigit skrg, berpuluh2 kali pakai, kotor ahh!'

Idk what's the rational of biting the shoes to prevent the shoe bites, but I do bite all my shoes before start wearing them, and they all didn't bite me hehe :D


I really love how random the topics in WhatsApp group could be. Especially my CISNUT 2.0 group. Very meriah if everyone is there! 

Last night, it started with N calling for C, and suddenly T and S also came in. C, S, T talked about job hunting, current status, vacations while N who is calling for C just now went MIA haha! C, S, T paging for N but no response and they continue chatting while waiting for N. 

Few minutes later, N entered and asked about whether C know this polan bin polan or not, ohhh N's highschool friend is married to C's friend, what a small world huh. Talking about marriage, T told the rest about his younger sis gonna engaged and they all went 'seriously, dengan sapa, wow jelesnya' and comforting T to be patient, our time will come soon. Comforting T also means comforting theirselves! Haha. 

Suddenly U who is currently in the different timezone went in 'helpppppp..I'm lost :( ! You guys went thru topics very fast or I'm very slow' and willing to not inter frame and will read the whole conversations when we're over haha. C, S, N, T continue chatting on jobs, future plans, until suddenly T complaining about Diana, a cat stole her whole sebungkus keropok lekor (iklan jap). The conversation resumed on LinkedIn and lastly C mintak izin keluar and S wanna charge her phone, N is frying mushrooms and T wanna continue cuddling haha.! So the conversation stopped there. 

I love everyone's there! Also the randomness of conversations! And I hope we will stay connected even when we have jobs or family or whatever. Muah cikedddd :*

Single and not taken

Living in the world of people getting married in early 20s is kinda depressing when you're already 22 and don't even have a boyfriend yet. More depresseddddddd when your sibling is gonna following that trend also.

Yes, my 20 y/o sister is planning to get engaged next year.! The other day, she whatsapp-ed our siblings group telling she got a good news but keep us guessing on what is that. And of course we've already got a clue on that. What's happier to a girl rather than being proposed is it? 

Suddenly the next day, out of nowhere Abah asked me,

'Cik abang kak long tu dah habis belajar ke?
'Abang mana pulak nie, takde abang2 eh' *blushed*
'Alaaa, yang duk sekian sekian tuu'
'Ohh yang tu.. takde pape dah abah'
'Pulak, kenapa? Aritu okay je'
'Takde jodoh nak buat camne. Tu cerita lama Abah. Kenapa tetiba tanya ni?'
'Saja je tanya, Biasanya jumpa sokmo kan'
'Elehhhh, xkan tetiba tanya *grin*. Kak nak tunang tahun depan kan abah?'

And the conversation went on about kak's future fiancé. I'm so good in changing topic I know! *self pat*

Being the eldest, no doubt that I'm a bit jealous. My younger sis is gonna settle down and get married soon, and I'm still searching for the one. But it's okay, the best is yet to come. My turn will be arrived sooner or later, I just have to wait for the right time. And when I've met one, how am I gonna tell my parents haaa? Ouch, I feel old already. 


Sometimes, deep down, I always have constant fear of inadequacy (atelophobia); 
the fear of not being enough. 

Not good enough. 
Not smart enough. 
Not pretty enough. 
Not attractive enough. 
Not funny enough. 
And etc. 

I've never wanted to be perfect. 
I just want to be enough. 

But then I realized there's a lot of people whose struggling to be at my place, who I am now. 
And I should be very thankful enough. 

Oh Allah, Thank you for what I've now :)
But still, I want a slimmer body and healthier skin haha!

Proud grandchild

This morning, I woke up to 'kaklong, tok (grandma) masuk newspaper!' and non-stop whatsapp notifications from Anak Cucu Long's group.

The first thing I do after shower is searching for the articles on my grandma. Waaaaa such a proud grandchild I am now! 

Beautiful write-up and I've no idea when the interview took place as grandma haven't told us about this, maybe she wanted to surprise us kot hahaha! 

Okay lah, I wanna call my grandma asking if she needs any assistant hehe :D

Sliding door

Half of my family went balik kampung, leaving me, mak, Afilah, Ariff and Putri at home.

Ariff went sleepover at his friends house and mak was so tired she slept early. Being the eldest, I had to make sure the windows and doors are all shut before I went to bed.

Main gate checked.
Grill checked.
Sliding door urghhh it's too tight -.-'

So as a bit clingy sister, i whatsapp-ed my brother for help, hoping maybe he will come back home just to close the stubborn sliding door. His friend's house is just a lorong distance so why not huh?

Instead, he gave me a tutorial! 

With his help and useful tutorial, I managed to shut the sliding door, yeay me! :)

Giving up

Make up is my new passion, remember?

So here is my first attempt: 

Smudgy eyeliners
Comot lipstick
Funny eyebrows

I wanna give up, should I?

Or let's buy a lip liner tomorrow! Hehe. 

And youtube some make up tutorials. Hehs semangat!

Buat Apa?

Everytime my mak come home, she will ask me 'buat apa kat rumah hari nie kak long?' and usually those days I woke up late and do nothing haha.

So today, I woke up early, siapkan Putri to school, cleaned the dishes, swept the floor (and all the house chores), sent my sister to work, fetch Putri from her tadika, and even ready to cook for dinner. 

5pm.. My mak is already home.! And there's no more 'buat apa kat rumah?' today. Means she notices my works hehe yeahhh! Until suddenly she entered the kitchen ...

'Periuk ni kenapa tak basuh lagi?' 

Aigoooo ada je yang tak sempurna.


10 pm baru sempat nak baca surat khabar. Seeeeee? 


Repost from my older blog post (Nov 2011 maybe)

"Yes, I live in Sarawak for more than 1 years and I'm happy. I had my Asasi here, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak as first cohort. And lucky enough I've to pursue my Degree in Biotechnology here too for 3 years more. HOHO.

The moment i checked my UPU result, I considered myself not lucky enough of being sent far far away to Sarawak while my other friends enjoying themselves in Peninsular. They got best places like PASUM, Puncak Alam, UIA and so on.

As the time flew, I realized that there's something beneath it. For sure, every cloud has a silver lining right? Being far away from family make me more independent now. I learned how to book my flight ticket, check in, and so on. For sure, Air Asia and me are bestfriends now. Being stranded in the airport due to delayed flight or waiting for next flight is a small matter for me now.

Sarawak itself also teachs me a lot. And for me, people's expectation on Sarawak are far from the reality. My friends and also my relatives always told me 'Jaga diri, nanti kena sumpit. org Sarawak suka menyumpit ni', 'nanti K Long balik raya telinga lanjut laa' HAHA. When the very first time I arrived in KIA and also UNIMAS I'm so impressed. Sarawak is far far away developed from expectations. And until now, I haven't meet any sumpit guy or telinga lanjut people. Please pray I'll found one and I'll show you the picture. Hihi.

The Cawat one? I'd seen them live with my naked eyes HOHO. For sure not in Kuching. I saw them at Bintulu area, on my way to Niah Cave. 3 teen boys with Cawat, tempurung-like hair, holding a long basket on their back. Maybe just from collecting fruits I guess.

Let's travel and choose Sarawak as your destination. Prove that people's expectations on Sarawak are solidly wrong. But one thing. don't ever compared Sarawak with KL. For sure there's a lot of comparisons but as the time moves and many delevopments carry on, Sarawak= Kuala Lumpur is not impossible.

Till now, I'll promote Sarawak to you all from time to time. HAHA."

Now, it's already 4 months since  I left Sarawak for good and I miss everything there! Especially food! Haha! 

Nasi rawon warung bakso embak, kuku bima, nasi Ayam penyet station 12, RJ Ayam Bakar & Penyet, banana cheese, Sharing Planet, Ali Meatball, nasi mak entek, Aiskrim gula apong, Swee kang, topspot. And many mooooore! 

And people there too. My close male friend, my Asasi friends in FK, FIT, nursing and medics, my sulu nisot, and so on!

Deep down, I'm willing to work there! (but I have so many things to consider first). InsyaAllah ada jodoh kita jumpa lagi Sarawak :)

New passion

I really adores MUAs with magic hands which can transforms a 'muka biasa-biasa saja to voilaaaaa you are now a barbie doll' look. Maybe the girly sides of me is ticking now. I should go buy some make ups and start faking my face haha.!

So last Sept (kot), Afilah and I ordered some make ups online and they are expected to arrive within a month. But hmmmpp.. both of us attended our graduation barefaced (ok, kidding).

When I came home from Kuching for my graduation, the parcel is finally arrived (after 2 months of waiting). It's from US babe so it's okay to arrive late from expected lol. 

They are all from NYX and I think I'm starting to fall in love with NYX collections omaigodddd! So worth the waits! I tried them on and suddenly I feel so pretty, is it me, in the mirror, seriously? 

Okay. Now I already have some lipsticks, eyeliner, and blusher. So next I have to buy mascara, eyebrow kits, foundation, eyeshadows yada yada yada. Afilah gave me 'sejak bila minat mekap ni?' stare, and I'm seriously think I should prove to her my new passion. Haha! 

So look likes I gonna have my lipstick on (comot also can) whenever I go outside, even nak drive amik adik je pun. All because I wanna shut Afilah's 'beli tapi tak pakai pun' up. 

Hmm... so which shade of lipstick I should wear to fetch Putri from tadika now? 

No lahhhh, I still prefer going out barefaced no worries! 

Friends for life

I may not have many friends. But I have a group of high quality friends! I still can remember the day when we held a meeting to discuss our group's name, organization and planned activities for our group. Haha!

CISNUT = Chekah.Imah.Syaira.Nan.Unn.Tiqz :)

Hurm maybe we should consider 24 Sept as our anniversary :)

Look likes we almost crossed out all of the to-eat-list. Haha!

Thank you girls for always be together thru thicks and thins, ups and downs. Alhamdulillah we managed to graduate together yeah ! 

From my instagram:

Top fav people!! 

Masa Asasi kita semua dari kroni berbeza. Bila masuk degree, barulah kita mula rapat sebab selalu buat assignment sama2, sampailah tertubuhnya #CISNUT! 

Kita study sama2, makan sama2, main humming lagu atas trampoline, main pop kuiz guna loceng malam before FYP proposal presentation, pastu bila ada orang cari pasal dengan ahli cisnut, kita serang sama2 (ingat lagi tak hahaha). Ingat lagi ada sekali tu aku nangis duk bercerita, Unn duk letak ubat kat sedahi jerawat aku sambil kesat air mata aku. Tak lupa jugak bila tiket movie Now You See Me kita semua burned sebab Betty buat hal, kita duk picnik tepi jalan kat airport sambil makan mcD  tunggu rescue haha! Ingat lagi selipar Syaira putus kat lab, kita sama2 pegi belikan flipper kat summer untuk dia and hantarkan kat lab. Nasib baik dia sukaaaa! Kita usik2 Syaira dengan memori lampu jalan, duk kenen2kan Nan dengan calon pilihan kita sampai kadang2 Nan pun tension and pasrah je. No matter what, we will always be penyokong tegar ehem ehem (ykwim) ! Imah pulak selalu dengan fakta2 dia, ingat lagi otw nak g exam dia tertinggal nota atas bumbung kereta bila teringat tengok2 dah hilang terbang dek angin. Sanggup pergi trace balik, and nasib baik jumpa. Chekah pulak degil gila taknak kuar rumah bila malam besday sebab Dah tahu apa plan kitorg, tapi akhirnya keluar jugak main lari2 dengan tepung dalam hujan. Unn dengan blur dia tapi yang tu lah paling hot antara kita, cawangan merata2 hahaha!

Tapi sekarang  semua tuu dah jadi memori. Apa pun yang terjadi lepas nie, Korang Kerja ke sambung belajar ke, Dalam Negara ke overseas ke hopefully we will stay connected forever and everrr!

Terima Kasih untuk semuanya kawannnnn! Halalkan apa yang tak cukup atau terlebih. Take care and muahh banyakkkkkkkk2 :*!



Long time no blogging. Not many people choose to blog nowadays. Maybe they find it isn't cool anymore. But I find its rather cool than spamming my IG feed with old pictures while reminiscing memories. It's cooler to merepek2 here, no one can stop me haha. 

So while I'm still planting grapes 🍇 at home, pardon my repekans here. Expect more old pictures, more post merepek2 of random topics out of nowhere. And evennnn... cooking lesson 101 too. Oh who needs that? Ermmm maybe just me! Haha.